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Quick Tip of the Week.

Join Evolve EdTech each week as they share a new tip, trick or tool to help you integrate educational technology in your class, or share your expertise with your colleagues, students or school community.

Google Slides: More than just a slide deck.

In this playlist, you will find a range of tips and tricks to use when using Google Slides, and you will discover that Google Slides is more than just a slide deck for presentations. Google slides have so many other functions that you might not know about!

the Jamboard ecollection.

Learn about some of the Jamboard templates from Evolve EdTech. All of the Evolve EdTech Jamboard templates are available from the Evolve EdTech Template Collections by clicking here.

The Planboard series.

In this series from Evolve EdTech we introduce you to Planboard from Chalk. These handy tutorial videos will help you get started with this innovative electronic teacher diary available now free for teachers.

Microsoft Teams: How to Guides.

In this series, you will learn about some of the different functions and features of Microsoft Teams.

Six awesome features of ...

In this playlist, you will find videos that showcase the awesome features from our 'Six Awesome Features Of ...' infographic series available from Evolve EdTech.

Microsoft Powerpoint quick tips.

In this playlist from The EdTech Teacher, you will find all of our Microsoft PowerPoint Quick Tips videos that have been created to help teachers and students effectively use the different features of PowerPoint.

Evolve EdTech tutorials.

In this playlist from The EdTech Teacher, you will find all of our tutorial videos that have been created to introduce teachers to new and engaging technology that they can use in their classrooms today.